by York Scream

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released January 26, 2015



all rights reserved


York Scream Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Saltflower
saltflower bloom

you pray for an outcome
you pray for now

started with this,
a love that you'll learn to find
another one
donate the bliss,
a state that you'll learn to hide
in other ones

you pray for an outcome
you pray for now
you wait for the album
you pray for now
Track Name: Resting Place
tortured analog
this is my resting place
a glaring in the sky
through the lack of gates
wade the solar shore
bask in rotten space
putrefy your home
these nights without a face

honey i'm homeless
and i can't see you anymore
it's so fucking hopeless

seize/cease my resting place
soldiers of sewage
warriors of waste
cease my breath
Track Name: Sequester
stop figuring out the plot
you know not what you wrought
reared in the sod

more of me that you don't know and even more that you don't want to

dirt, filthy fucking skeleton
stirred in the melting pot
slurp it down sip it up

more of me that you don't know and even more that you don't want to

(try to stick to the script that you've got)
all i've got is this itch in my wrist
Track Name: Magnet Bend
male gaze magnet bend my glazed lens to heaven send but what was wrought was not was sought my honey melt to venom and amen
Track Name: Wane (Strange Day)
we met at the bitter end of the letterhead
where nettle meant a better bed
we drank from the wounds that we bled
decrepit and complicit in our loneliness
foreclosed advocate
I spend every minute in debt
you write my interest off just like a fading pen

on a road I see no path all I need is a voice to bring me back
but all I'm told is I'm wasting my time

(dead or dying dead or trying to cum)